Which accommodation for a trip to New Zealand?

The issue of accommodation during your trip to New Zealand will be one of the most important and will largely determine your budget. You will see that there are a large number of accommodation solutions in New Zealand that are relatively well adapted to different travel modes.

Your mode of travel, car, van, camper van, will depend on your mode of accommodation. Indeed, if you want to travel by van or camper van, it is likely that you will favour campsites. Your visits to New Zealand’s major cities, such as Auckland or Wellington, may lead you to choose city centre accommodation such as a youth hostel or hotel.

Private establishments: hotels, motels, lodges & inns

Débutons notre tour des hébergements de Nouvelle-Zélande par l’hébergement le plus classique : l’hôtel.
L’hébergement en hôtel peut être une bonne solution en Nouvelle-Zélande mais c’est, de loin, l’une des solutions les plus onéreuses. Voyager 2 ou 3 semaines en Nouvelle-Zélande en hôtel est difficilement envisageable sans un budget réellement confortable.
L’hôtel peut être une bonne solution de logement dans les principales villes de Nouvelle-Zélande telles que Auckland, Wellington, Queenstown ou encore Dunedin.
La Nouvelle-Zélande possède des hôtels de très bonne qualité. Dans les grandes villes vous y retrouverez les principales chaines d’hôtels connues en Europe.

Campsites in New Zealand

Camping is one of the most common types of accommodation in New Zealand. Indeed, most tourists travel in a van or camper van. The aim is, of course, to have more freedom but also to save on housing.
There are different types of campsites with different stands and prices can vary greatly.
It should be noted that it is relatively rare to have to book a campsite in advance. However, during the summer holidays in New Zealand (December-January), it is preferable not to arrive too late at the campsite, or even to book at weekends. Outside this period, there is no need to worry about it. New Zealand has a large number of campgrounds.

In the home: from room to camping

Rental between private individuals

Renting between private individuals is very common in New Zealand. Indeed, as everywhere, you will find accommodation on sites such as AirBnB, which offer a large number of rentals, especially in cities, and allow you to rent an entire apartment or just one room. Indeed, it is very common for owners of large houses to rent one of the unused rooms to transients.
Although most of New Zealand’s population lives in cities, it is common to own a “country house” called a “bach”. (pronounce “batch”). Originally they were small houses, located on the beach, which, over time, have grown in size and comfort. Sites such as bookabach list these bachs for rent.

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